Im unsure on when i started writing my first novel.
So, im going to post it as the June 1st. I feel as though that's when the pieces started to fit in my mind, so this when i truly felt like i was writing something of significance.

My Great grandfather (James Atkinson) died on the June 1st also, i think this is what gave me inspiration.
The book seems as though its set in the deepest of holes. Depression- like cement blocking the opening.
Infact, the book is based on love. Not romance but unconditional, heart-felt

My characters do undergo the highest of emotions.
Love, lust, pity, grieveing. Every emotion pulling at the seems of their hearts and mind.

Mine too haha.

When your writing you become intensley involved with your characters. 
They become your family of another world.

I don't expect anyone who has not experienced thsi to understand, its something you gain instinctivley when writing:
The bond between you and the people at your fingertips.

I think i gave up. Gave up on writing, gave up on myself.
I gave up long enough to get a horses kick to the head when i recovered.

Not intentionally did i give up. But something inside me closed up and i was empty.
With medical problems and family issues pilling up, it was no suprise i was finally affected.
But now, i have learned to center myself, writing has become my release.

All of those pent up emotions im feeling are thrust upon my characters and so: onto my pages goes me.
So, it truly is a writers world

Anyway, 'back on track'
It's just to let all of my stalkers (you know who you are! ) , and possibly my  rivals and enemys
(maybe even fans, who knows, hehe) , that im finally at a place where im pulling myself together and getting back on track. With not only my writing, but my life too.

Until your return