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V Day.

Posted by Chelsie on Saturday, February 6, 2010,

Valentines Day..

Another year of isolation? Probably.

I'd like to say im going to be among those exchanging quick glances and secret smiles, and knowing that this day is ours...But i don't think so this year.
The last memory I have of valentines is...interesting. I suppose seeing your boyfriend Kissing another girl on valentines day isn't the most 'loving' experience. But somehow i think i deserved it, if he needed to be in the arms of someone else...then i was evidently not enough.

However, This...
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Behind closed doors.

Posted by Chelsie on Tuesday, October 20, 2009, In : Much ado about nothing. 
This picture, to me, resembles waiting. A person yearning for the return of something sweet-something which they're drawn to unconditionally. As the day ends, a new one begins-and the waiting draws closer to its end with each day.
This picture, like my current state, seems to stand it sground and hold on to that which it is waiting for. Im waiting for something to pull me from secret world, my imagination. But nothing does. I wait, for that person who will awake me from my fantasies: but they ...

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A wish on each petal.

Posted by Chelsie on Wednesday, September 9, 2009, In : Picture Analogy 
'A Wish On Each Petal'

This picture seems to resemble so  much life.
The petals contrast with the black & white theme, yet they just guard the real picture.

Like most things, if you look beyond your nose, you can find the truth.

I think this picture resembles trust.

The trust someone puts in a daisy when they ask 'Does he love me?' is a simple trust.
But a trust placed in a person is of a higher power.

Let me know what you think of this picture.

If Your opinion/your poems/your own art was inspired by...

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Back On Track.

Posted by Chelsie on Tuesday, September 8, 2009, In : Informal and personal. 
Im unsure on when i started writing my first novel.
So, im going to post it as the June 1st. I feel as though that's when the pieces started to fit in my mind, so this when i truly felt like i was writing something of significance.

My Great grandfather (James Atkinson) died on the June 1st also, i think this is what gave me inspiration.
The book seems as though its set in the deepest of holes. Depression- like cement blocking the opening.
Infact, the book is based on love. Not romance but uncond...

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