Valentines Day..

Another year of isolation? Probably.

I'd like to say im going to be among those exchanging quick glances and secret smiles, and knowing that this day is ours...But i don't think so this year.
The last memory I have of valentines is...interesting. I suppose seeing your boyfriend Kissing another girl on valentines day isn't the most 'loving' experience. But somehow i think i deserved it, if he needed to be in the arms of someone else...then i was evidently not enough.

However, This year...If i remain isolated and unacknowleged, then ill be alone together (it makes sense) with my bestfriend. So it's not all bad i suppose.

Those of you who do have a valentine this year, and who are hoping to be asked...
Enjoy yourself,.
Your young, your free and your all unique <3 (: