On this website you will find details/dates/script extracts/-and other information on the projects of Chelsie Cheadle.


Images and links are posted around the pages, entwined within text and blogs.

All pieces of work are copywrighted and so auto saving is not allowed unless permission is given.




I created the site so everyone ,who is intrested in my work, could have an insight on my future plans and projects.

The webiste is also helpful for me to keep track of reality. Its often hard to maintain my grip on reality when im writing.

Though im not sure that grip is large to start with, my imagination seems in-control permanently.>.<


I hope my work is understood by those who read it. Im sure its not brilliant and definitely not perfect, however its everything i am.


I hope you enjoy the site and make use of it. My email address is posted so i hope for feedback and questions (maybe even pointers if needed) and i shall respond ASAP.

All feedback and comments are encouraged and appreciated.


Until we meet again,





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