This page shows a small handful of poems which chelsie has wrote.

An individual style rings deep in her work.

 Wishful Intentions

Closer than air,
Yet distant as stars,
A Lingering Passion Holds,

I will be here,
Waiting for you,
As a fiery love unfolds,

As words are shared,
As feelings grow,
My heart begins to race,

I yearn to lean,
To touch, to taste,
To drown in your embrace,

I wait for acceptation
For some recognition,
But still you seem naive,

You will not see,
This distant love,
For your eyes,
Will not perceive.

Window To The Heart


A'las his eyes, i do meet

Intense and deep his gaze

Like the darkest starless night

Cloudless and soft as velvet

The world around transformed

Into a heaven for us two

I lie and watch

As he watches with me



Nights return


The star of day, does pass again

The Blanket of night, will return

I sit and wait, and wait some more

As the skys silver, comes first

The beauty of the changing world

Embraces me alone

And the darkness comes, with all its might

To cover me with stars

And sing to me a lullaby, which carries me

To sleep.


 Lie To Me

In an air

As cold as you

How can one stay warm?


Bare hands closed

Grasping fire

Careless to the harm


Each breath exhaled

Creates a mist

To help conceal your lies


But I still see,

For I’m no stranger,

To the truth within your eyes



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