Chelsie's firts novel is so far unnamed.



On December 1st a life was lost, and two were given.

Kiddah and Teih Ammelle were born twins. Their mother died giving birth and they were put in the care of their Aunt Dalton.

A prophecy is forseen and thrust upon Kiddah, the youngest of the twins.

Her future suddenly twists into a different path, one which she must walk alone.


Kiddah struggles to maintain her grip on herself, as an inner demon tries to force itself out. Her mind is influenced by the darkness she struggles to contain and her body is controlled by the same power.

Unthinkable things start happening and her world is thrown apart, as she can no longer keep hold of her humanity.


Kiddah undergoes dark temptation and her emotions run wild. Love,Lust,Angst,And pure hate smother her and she fights to take her last breath.





'The sound of  shortened breathing came from behind me. I squeezed my eyes shut, Urging the voices to quieten, so i could concentrate.

   The pain in the tips of my fingers, where i'd been clawing at the ground, seemed magnified.

  I took a quick breath and turned slowly around, my eyes instantly locking with his.  I could see the tears which had spilled and painted salty marks down his cheeks.

His tousled honey coloured lockes fell just past his ears, framing his muscular face perfectly. His eyes were the most striking silver i had ever seen and his lips the most delicate of pinks.

  He was a stranger, but a familiar stranger.

  I felt like my sould recognised him, and the sudden urge to run was gone. The urge replaced by that to touch him. To memorise his face with my hand.

  Before i could reach up to wipe his tears, his hand came to my cheek. I closed my eyes as the warmth of him filled me.

  His fingers danced along my cheekbone, leaving fireworks with each small touch. They moved down and brushed my bottom lip. I smiled and opened my eyes, eager to once-again meet his gaze, and they fell on air.

He was gone.

Had i imagined him?


   The fire from his touch still played against my lips.

 He had been real, that much i knew'


~An extract from chapter 3


'A sudden strength washed over me, as i felt the darkness cloud my mind.

I was isolated and bewildered, and i felt as though i wasn't there-but a mere observer, standing in the audience.

   But i could still feel my body, and the power that drove me towards her.  I could feel my herat betaing in my chest and i could i hear my footsteps moving diplomatically towards her...

I  wnated to turn back, to clear the sense of dread i felt, but my body refused to obey me.

   My right hand lifted and clenched tightly in my fist was a piece of old looking metal. The blade so sharp that the light which reflected of it, would cut in two.

My herat beat execelled at the sight of this..some part of me was excited..enticed even.

Tears formed in my eyes, but didn't drop even when i blinked. I screamed and the sound just echoed within me.

I raised the knife higher as i came up behind her.

Smooth creamy skin decorated with strands of wet ebony hair draped over one shoulder..revaling her beautiful neck.

 The blade on an angle , i moved towards her. Closing the small distance between us.

I begged and begged for my body to stop, grinding my teeth so hard i could feel them pulling from my gums.

A smile tugged at the corner of my mouth as i lifted the blade again. And with a swift wing movement i had opened a well of deep red lust on the nape of her neck.

The crimson lake dripped to the floor, and the music o fher sream came to  astuttering did her heart.

I watched her go limp in the bath, and the beautiful scarlet liquid coloured the water its own.'

-An extract from a late chapter in the book.




There will be more extracts added as i continue to write my novel.

Those are just two from some of my favourite scenes.

I hope this itches you into reading the novel when im finished. Or at least intrests you enough to keep checking my website.


I'll send updates to those who ask for them, and links to the website so you can come straight here and check for new extracts.







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