Chelsie Jade Cheadle was born as a winter child, on December 29th 1995.

Living in the midlands (Nuneaton/Warwickshire) for 9 years and then moving to the north (preston/lanchashire) with her father.


Her love of writing started at a very early age. She entered small school compettions for poetry and moved up until she began on bigger pieces.

Maturing quickly affected her life, however it benefitted her writing drastically.

Her use of emotive language began to open up and she gave way to talent.




I have very high ambitions for someone of my age.

Obviously wanting my first novel to be published is a big part of my dreams, but they dont end there.

From a young age, i discovered i had a voice.


It come to me whilst i was watching the rom/com 'Love Actually'.

The song on there 'All i want for christmas' orignally by mariah carey, came through the speakers of the TV.

I remember thinking, 'Wow, i wish i could sing like her!' and looking at my dad and voicing it.

We wrote the lyrics down and practiced and practiced, realisation dawning that i could sing fairly well.

My voice has grown over the years, but it's nothing spectatcular.

My writing skills, enable me to write songs.




I have high aspirations, and i intended to succeed at one of them.


When i leave highschool, i would really like to attend 'West thames' which is a college in london.

They have a variety of courses which included shakespeare, and music, and english majors.

So im looking forward to college, i think im looking forward to independance more so.


But overall, i think i just want my future to be filled.

Whether its filled with a job i love, or just a great life.







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